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Professor of Cultural Studies

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My academic background is an interdisciplinary one, combining European Studies (Sussex), Womens Studies (Kent) and Cultural Studies (Birmingham). As well as being a co-editor of Screen, my publications include: Star Gazing: Female Spectators and Hollywood Cinema (1994); Teratologies: A Cultural Study of Cancer (1997), The Cinematic Life of the Gene (2010) and (with Sarah Franklin and Celia Lury) Global Nature, Global Culture (2000). I have also co-edited a number of books, including Romance Revisited with Lynne Pearce (1995); Screen Histories: A Screen Reader with Annette Kuhn (1998); Thinking Through the Skin with Sara Ahmed (2001); Queer Screens with Sarah Street (2007) and, most recently, Writing Otherwise: Experiments in Cultural Criticism with Janet Wolff (2013).  

Running across my research interests (from the transnational modes of spectatorship in Hollywood cinema, queer film and video, the visualising technologies of medical science, and the genetic constructions of sexualised and racialised bodies in popular culture) has been a concern with changing formations of fantasy, processes of subjectivity and modes of embodiment. Starting from the premise that studying the cultural relations of power requires attention to the inextricability of psychic and social formations, I have been interested in the production of imaginary subjects through located cultural forms and the ways in which these limit particular political possibilities. Uniting these ongoing agendas has been a focus on the relationship between visibility and visualisation and forms of cultural intelligibility.


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