Prof Jacky SmithMB, ChB, FRCP, PhD

Chair (Teaching & Research)

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Affiliated Staff

Clinical Team

  • Dr Angela Kelsall (Post doctoral Pulmonary Physiologist)
  • Dr Imran Satia (Clinical Fellow)
  • Dr Huda Badri (Clinical Fellow)
  • Ms Kimberly Holt (Research Assistant)
  • Ms Rachel Dockry (Research Assisstant)
  • Ms Kitty Ahern (Research Technician)
  • Mrs Shilpi Sen (Research Technician)
  • Mr Phil Turner (Research Techician)
  • Mr Paul Czyzyk (Research Technician)

Engineering Team

  • Dr Kevin McGuinness (Senior Clinical Engineer)


Academic Collaborators

  • Prof Maria Belvisi, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London
  • Dr Brendan Canning, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Balitmore, Maryland
  • Prof Doug Corfield, University of Manchester
  • Mr Andy Camilleri, ENT Surgery, UHSM
  • Mr Simon Galloway, GI Surgery, UHSM
  • Professor Peter Calverley and Dr John Earis, University Hospital Aintree, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Neil Thomson, Division of Immunology, Infection & Inflammation, University of Glasgow
  • Prof Jeff Pearson and Dr Chris Ward, School of Clinical Medical Sciences, Newcastle University
  • Dr Andrea Aliverti, Dipartimento di Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy