Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmaki MA, MSc, PhD

Honorary Research Associate

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Research interests

Research Interests

  • Human-environment relationship in the Nile Valley (migration; subsistence; health and disease)

  • Disease and disability in the past (including social attitudes to sickness and medical/surgical interventions)

  • Bioarchaeological investigation of childhood

  • Social status and health status in past populations

  • Application of imaging (X-Ray and CT scan), stable isotope analysis and aDNA in Bioarchaeology

  • Burial practices (including mummification)

Research Projects

  • 2019-2021    "Crossing Boundaries: Peoples' Movement and the Collapse of the Kingdom of Meroe (300 BC - AD 350), Sudan" (principal investigator; project funded by the National Geographic Society, Grant No. NGS-61475R-19)
  • 2014–2017  "Dry Moat" in Saqqara as a Unique Time Capsule, A Source For The History of The Memphite Necropolis Reflecting Changes of Natural Environment (research collaborator; Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw; funded by the National Science Centre, Poland – UMO-2013/11/B/HS3/04472)

  • 2011–2014  The Final Phase of the Pyramid Builders’ Era: An Investigation into the Correlation Between the Environmental and Cultural Changes at the Saqqara Necropolis in Egypt (research collaborator; Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw; funded by the National Science Centre, Poland – NN109 179940)

  • 2010–2012  A Study of Social Stratification and Physical Health in an Ancient Egyptian Population of Saqqara (doctoral research project conducted at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, University of Manchester; funded by the Leverhulme Trust – F/00120/BU)


2006–present  Saqqara, Egypt (Polish, French, and Dutch-Italian Archaeological Missions)

2018               Hamadab (German Archaeological Institute) and Dabba Dam Archaeological Survey Project, Sudan

2017-2018      The Valley of the Kings (KV40) and TT95, Egypt (Swiss Archaeological Mission)

2007–2013      Various archaeological sites in the UK (ARCUS and Wessex Archaeology)

2007–2008      Kawa, Sudan (The British Museum Expedition)

2003               Tell el-Farkha, Egypt (Polish Archaeological Expedition to the Eastern Nile Delta)


Research and projects

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