Prof Iracema Leroi BSc (Hons) LMCC MD FRCPC ABPN MRCPsych

Honorary Professor

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Research interests

Research interests

  • Applications of new technology in dementia
  • Mental health aspects of Parkinson’s disease and neurodegenerative movement disorders, particularly dementia in PD
  • Behavioural & psychological aspects of dementia, particularly apathy in Alzheimer disease
  • Clinical trials in Alzheimer disease and other dementias

Research awards

01/2017:               Novel methodology for analysing gait patterns for the early detection of cognitive decline. Data Science Institute, UMan, £10,000; 3 months pump prime funding.

 01/2015:               SENSE-Cog: Ears, Eyes and Mind – Improving mental health outcomes in people with dementia in the EU; Horizon2020; 6.5million euro

01/2017:               SASHI: South Asia self-harm research capability building. MRC, RCUK, Global Clinical Research Fund (with Pakistan and India). £1.6 million; 48 months (C. Robinson, PI)

06/2015:               InMIND: RCT of an anti-inflammatory agent in MCI. (C Holmes, WP 9 lead) EU funded; 30 million euro

06/2015:               SYMBAD: RCT of mirtazapine v CBZ for BPSD (S Banerjee, PI) NIHR HTA; £1,806,846.20;

04/2015                                MODEM: Eye tracking to detect Alzheimer disease (P. Sawyer, PI: Lancaster U) EPSRC ‘Sensing in Dementia’; £ 960656.65; 42 months.

07/2014: A Psychosocial Intervention to Benefit People with Parkinsons-related Dementia, NIHR Research for Patient Benefit, £342,000 

06/2014: Software Architecture for Self-Management of Mental Health and Dementia (SAMS). EPSRC Working Together Grantreference:             EP/K015826/1, £610,900

05/2014: Is the retina truly a window to the brain? A study of a potential biomarker for dementia, Manchester Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Ageing, Seed Corn Funds, £6000

05/2014: Randomised Controlled Trial of Donepezil in Mild Dementia in Parkinson's Disease (the MUSTARDD-PD Trial) NIHR HTA reference: 08-14-13
NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, £2500167 

05/2014: Randomised Controlled Trial of Minocycline in Alzheimer Disease: the MADE Trial, NIHR Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation programme, £100000 

04/2014: The Manchester High Schools' Dementia Ambassador, Strategic Clinical Network, NHS North (Dementia, Neurology and Mental Health Domain), £20000 

01/2014: A Pilot Project to Develop a Dementia Ambassadors' Programme in Local Secondary Schools in Manchester, International Strategic Support Fund - Wellcome Trust, £6000 

01/2014: Neighbourhoods and Dementia, ESRC, £5000000 

06/2012: Randomised Controlled Trial of Assisted Technology in Dementia: The ATILLA Trial, NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, £1800000 

01/2012: Goal Oriented Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia: the GREAT Trial, NIHR HTA reference: 11/15/04, NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, £22430568          

01/2012: Randomised Controlled Trial of Individualised Cognitive Stimulation in Dementia: The iCST Trial, NIHR HTA reference: 08/116/06, NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, £110000 

02/2011: Investigating comorbid cerebrovascular disease in PD, University of Manchester Neuroscience Research Institute: Pump Prime Funding, £50000

01/2009: Randomised Controlled Trial of Lithium Carbonate in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The LICALS study, MND Society, £100000

07/2007: Clinical and neural correlates of motivation and reward in PD, Parkinson’s UK Senior Research Fellowship, Parkinson's UK, £238768 

01/2003: RCT of memantine vs placebo in Parkinson’s disease dementia, Lundbeck Ltd, £53000 

01/2001: Neuropsychiatric Aspects of the Spinocerebellar Ataxias, National Association for Research in Schizophrenia & Affective D/O (NARSAD), £50000     

01/2000: Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Donepezil for Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson Disease, Eisai/Pfizer, £121000 

01/2000:  Treatment of cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease, Johns Hopkins Neurobehavioral Research Unit Grant, £3500


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