Dr Ilma Nur Chowdhury

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

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Research interests

Ilma’s research interests are focused on service management and business-to-business marketing fields. Her current research areas consist of social sustainability, vulnerable communities, and the role of service firms and service management in emerging markets. She has published in Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Business Strategy and the Environment, and Journal of Marketing Education.

Other research

Externally Funded Projects

In 2020, Ilma was co-investigator on the EPSRC seedcorn grant funded project (DEAS Network Plus Covid-19 Charity/Voluntary Sector): “Using a bricolage strategy to enhance the human touch in digitally enhanced provision for refugee service users: a response to COVID-19” (completed in 2021). 

In 2021, Ilma was co-investigator on an EPSRC funded knowledge exchange project with charity organisation, Caritas Diocese of Salford: “From the Data Modelling Journey to an On-line tool to Support On-line Educational Refugee Services”. This project involved the launching of a toolkit to humanise digital services delivered to vulnerable groups such as migrants (completed in 2022).


Internally Funded Projects

  • Designing transformative services for refugees - The objective of this project is to utilise services management theory to understand how refugee support service ecosystems can be developed in a way that empowers refugees and improves social integration. Multiple case studies will be used to explore the interactions between three levels of the current refugee support service ecosystem in the UK: the refugee level (micro), service provider level (meso) and government level (macro), using data collection methods such as interviews, observation and document analysis. This study holds important implications for multiple stakeholders including refugees, policymakers, and non-governmental and business organisations working towards the integration of refugees and can promote the design of services that reduces the vulnerability of the refugee community (completed in 2022).
  • Social Business: Its Operations, Challenges and Implications in the Bottom Of The Pyramid (completed in 2016)
  • Developing buyer and supplier capabilities for achieving social sustainability in the apparel supply chain (completed in 2015)


Research and projects

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