Prof Horst Zank

Professor of Economics

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Postgraduate Opportunities

My main research area is the development of models of decision making under risk and uncertainty. Models of individual decision making under risk/uncertainty are at the heart of most sciences. Economists, business analysts, policy makers, managers, engineers, researchers in finance and medicine, all make use of such models for theoretical analyses and for practical applications.

I am keen to supervise students interested in choice under risk uncertainty, time preferences, or behavioural economics more generally. The approach I take is interdisciplinary in nature and it includes classical economic theory as well as theories that are informed by empirical and experimental evidence. Prospective students should show a genuine interest in understanding, developing and applying models for theoretical or empirical analyses. For successful progress it is essential that students are equipped with theoretical skills and other quantitative tools typically used in economic theory, microeconomics or mathematical economics, as studied on most economic science masters programmes.

Current students:

  • Jingyi Meng (Reference-Dependent Preferences, Effort Provision and Risk Behaviour)
  • Atiyeh Yeganloo (Reference-dependence and Games)
  • Cahal Moran (Subjective Wellbeing)
  • Peihong Liu (Continuous-Time Prinicpal Agent Models)

Past Students:

  • Peter Brooks (Experimental Tests of Loss Aversion and Prospect Theory), now works at Barclays Bank, London.
  • Craig Webb (Ambiguity and Application to Game Theory), now Lecturer at the University of Manchester.
  • Laurence Roope (Poverty Measurement), now working as Research Associate at the University of Oxford.
  • Jinrui Pan (Time & Risk Preferences) now Lecturer at Durham University.
  • Kasia Werner (Prospect Theory and Insurance Markets) now Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Krzysztof Brzeziński (Endogenous Timing in Oligopoly Games, Industrial Organizations) now College Lecturer in Economics at Oriel College and St Hilda's College, Oxford.