Prof Helen Beebee

Samuel Hall Professor of Philisophy

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PhD and Masters supervision

I'm happy to supervise PhD and Masters dissertations on any area related to my published work. These include topics in metaphysics (free will, natural kinds, laws, causation), epistemology (induction), history of philosophy (Hume's epistemology and metaphysics), and philosophy of mind (mental causation). 

I'm also happy to supervise on:

  • issues surrounding moral responsibility, especially as they connect with the free will debate and (relatedly) the recent debate about whether, or to what extent, we're morally culpable for harbouring implicit biases;
  • philosophical methodology, including the nature and proper role of philoshical intuitions, conceptual analysis, and experimental philosophy;
  • personal identity.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with me in any of these areas, please see our funding page for information about scholarships and bursaries. If you plan to work in the philosophy of science (broadly construed), the British Society for the Philosophy of Science also offer PhD scholarships. Consult their website for more information.