Prof Hector Chinoy PhD FRCP BMBS MSc BMedSci

Professor of Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Disease HEFCE

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Research interests

My current research interest is in the immunogenetics of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IIM).


  • Further analysis of GWAS and Immunochip data generated from a UK-based and international cohort of IIM patients.
  • To facilitate and oversee replication association studies of disease susceptibility signals from GWAS and pan-autoimmune loci
  • To facilitate and oversee the identification of potential disease-causal variants within IIM susceptibility genes via genetic re-sequencing and high-throughput genotyping.
  • Coordinating a prospective collection of IIM data in the UK (MYOPROSP)
  • NHS England registry collection of IIM patients commencing rituximab (MYOACT)
  • Novel imaging modalities in IIM
  • Use of PROMS to measure disease activity in IIM
  • Dissemination of Euromyositis, a European-wide standardised web-based IIM database facility (collaboration)
  • To study subclinical atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction in IIM
  • To facilitate collection of blood and tissue as part of a muscle biobank and UKMYONET, a nationwide UK Clinical Research Network IIM study
  • To investigate the interaction of smoking and HLA-DRB1*03 for the development of myositis antibodies in IIM (collaboration)
  • To assist in the clinical and genetic phenotypic characterisation of IIM cases with novel autoantibody profiles (collaboration)
  • Management of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: adult patients and professional specialists’ perspectives on current care in the UK (collaboration)


Research and projects

  1. MMRG: Manchester Myositis Research Group

    Chinoy, H., Lamb, J., Ollier, W., Rothwell, S., Lilleker, J., Oldroyd, A., Snedden, A., Platt, H. & New, P.

    1/01/10 → …

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