Prof Hannah Barker

Professor of British History

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I have supervised PhD students working on:

  • Cotton workers in Bolton and Oldham in the C20th (Victoria Brookes, 2001-5);
  • Comic periodicals of the C19th (Robert Lovejoy, 2002-5);
  • The Royal Manchester Botanical Gardens (Ann Brooks, 2002-8, p/t);
  • Manchester popular politics in the C18th and C19th (Alex Smith, 2004-8);
  • Popular politics and visual culture in early C19th northern towns (an AHRC collaborative studentship, held jointly with the People's History Museum: Stephen Connolly, 2006-9);
  • Masculinity in C19th clubs and associations in the NW of England (Alexandra Mitchell, 2008-12);
  • The market for exotic goods in the C18th (Ben Wilcock, 2010-16 p/t);
  • Letter press printers of the late C18th and C19th (Emma Greenwood, 2010-16 p/t);
  • Popular culture in the provinces (Nathan Booth, 2012-15);
  • The Georgian batchelor (Helen Metcalfe, 2014-17);
  • Childbirth in the long eighteenth century (Sarah Fox, 2012-17 p/t);
  • The 'Little Circle' in Manchester politics (David Knott, 2014-18),
  • The social history of Quarry Bank Mill (an ESRC collaborative studentship, held jointly with the National Trust: Grant Collier, 2016-20);
  • Gender and comfort in the English country house (Ruby Rutter, 2017-);
  • Memory, emotion and the lifecycle: Women and the production, ownership and dissemination of their textiles, 1660 - 1760 (Melanie Marsh, 2018-).
  • Family history and historical practice (Helen Corlett, 2021-).

I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century British history, or local and community histories post 1750.