Dr Gindo Tampubolon

Lecturer in Poverty

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Research interests

Specific research interests:

  • Scale-up of a primary care intervention for cardiovascular risk management in Indonesia. The George Institute, Sydney, Brawijaya, BPJS Kesehatan, Manchester. $756K Funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) & the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases.
  • The combined impact of dementia, age-related hearing and vision impairment: SENSE-Cog: Promoting health for eyes, ears and mind, led by the University of Manchester. €5.9M Funded by European Horizon2020.
  • Neighbourhood and dementia. Keady: PI; Burns, Challis, Davies, Leroi, Nazroo, Pendleton, Reeves, Reilly, Swarbrick, Tampubolon, Taylor, Young: Co-PIs. £4.8M. Funded by the National Institute of Health Research. 
  • Inequalities in later life, frailty and wellbeing: an interdisciplinary approach to causality. (James Nazroo: PI; Burns, Chandola, Goodacre, Horan, Pendleton, Tampubolon, Wu: Co-PIs. £2.4M. Funded by the Medical Research Council.

Brain structure and function and their relations with sensory impairments using UK Biobank's imaging-derived phenotypes.

Genome-wide association studies of depression, cognition and frailty in older adults using the US Health and Retirement Survey and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.


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