Prof Gina Conti-Ramsden PhD., FBPsS, FRCSLT, FAcSS

Emeritus Professor

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Manchester Language Study I am the Director of the Manchester Language Study (MLS).  This is a national investigation spanning 20 years focusing on the development of children and young people with developmental language disorders (DLD).  I am particularly interested in the longitudinal lifecourse of language disorders and its associated strengths and difficulties.  I am also interested in psycholinguistic development of children with DLD including potential clinical markers for DLD; the psychosocial outcomes of children and young people with DLD; the genetics/familiality and neurobiology of DLD; the educational/life transitions of children and young people with DLD and uses of new media and DLD.

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We have developed materials to assess children's verb morphology which are freely available:  PTT-20 Materials: A 20-item past tense task




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