Prof Giles Johnson BSc, PhD


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My teaching is focussed at the interface of plant science, environmental science and ecology.  I am in particular interested in challenging students to see beyond traditional subject boundaries and examine key questions about the environment using approaches from different disciplines.

At first year level, I run a field course to the Mediterranean each spring, to the island of Mallorca.  Mallorca has a unique flora with many endemic species which show particular adaptations to the extreme environment found on the island.  The course combined plant systematics with plant physiology, ecology and environmental science to give students a taste of how ecosystems can be studied, how the organisms evolve and the adaptations they develop.

At second year level, I teach physiological ecology as part of a course on Ecology and Ecosystems.  In addition, I run a field based course on Urban Biodiversity.  In this, we take students to visit sites in the Greater Manchester area and examine how past and present human activites shape the local ecosystem.  The particular focus of this course is teaching skills required in environmental consultancy.