Dr Gerben Borst

Clinical Senior Lecturer

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PhD Students

2018-2020                              Beatriz Gomez Solsona, New era of radiosensitization by modulating radiosensitizing agents during RT

2017-present                           Paul Slangen, Radiosensitization of glioma tumors through induction of mitotic enrichment

2016-present                           Eline Hessen, Changes of brain metastasis and glioblastoma tumors before and during radiotherapy

2020-present                           Awa Gassama, Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy in GBM

2020-present                           Mueez Waqar, Preoperative RT in GBM


Administrative Roles and Teaching Positions

2018-2020                              ESTRO scientific council

2018-present                           Reviewer grant applications ZonNW (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development)

2017-present                           Editorial Board Journal “Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology”

2016-present                           Teacher at the ESO-ESMO-ESTRO multidisciplinary course          

2016-2020                              ODS (Education Dedicated Specialist) at NKI, responsible for CNS internship for radiation oncology residents

2005-present                           Reviewer multiple peer reviewed journals (e.g. R&O, IJROBP, ctRO)

2016-present                           Reviewer ESTRO conference for topics “CNS” and “other”

2016-2019                              yESTRO (youngESTRO) committee member