Prof Gerard P. Hodgkinson

Professor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science

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Research interests

From the outset of his career, Professor Hodgkinson has pursued theoretically and methodologically rigorous empirical work devoted to issues of concern to academics, practitioners and policymakers (a scientist-practitioner model), drawing primarily on the fields of industrial work and organizational (IWO) psychology and cognitive psychology, but also incorporating insights from sociology and economics.

From the mid-1980s onwards, the bulk of his research activity has centred on the development of a new subfield: the psychology of strategic management. In particular, his work has been concerned with the analysis of cognitive processes in strategic management (especially the socio-cognitive analysis of competitive business environments and the development and evaluation of techniques for mapping strategic knowledge).

His most recent work has been concerned with the application of advances in the social neurosciences (social cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconomics) to the analysis of cognitive processes in strategic decision making (including the nature and role of intuition) and the evaluation of techniques for overcoming cognitive bias and inertia in such decisions. Other work has been concerned with the development and psychometric evaluation of new instruments for the assessment of personality constructs in studies of strategic management.

His current theoretical interests centre on the behavioural foundations of dynamic capabilities, especially the nature and role of conscious and non-conscious cognitive processes, emotion, and personality and individual differences in strategic adaptation. Other work addresses the production and diffusion of knowledge in the management and organization sciences and its significance for wider publics. He also has active research interests in applied psychometrics.


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