Mr Gary Lynch-Wood

Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance

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Gary Lynch-Wood is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Manchester. He is the LLB Programme Director, the Course Director for Legal Methods and Systems (compulsory first-year undergraduate unit), and a contributor to teaching on Contract Law. He is also the Course Director for a postgraduate course in Law, The Corporation, and Social Responsibility. In recognition of Gary’s contribution to teaching, in August 2012 he was presented with an award through the University’s Recognising and Rewarding Exceptional Performance programme, and in May 2013 he received from the Manchester University Law Society an award from the students in recognition of his work on student learning and the student experience.  Gary’s research focuses mainly on corporate social responsibility and the law, and he has published widely on this issue in leading journals (eg, Journal of Law and Society, Journal of Environmental Law, Journal of Business Ethics).  Gary is regarded as a leading authority on the legal and regulatory issues facing firms, particularly smaller firms. The main focus of his current research is rule-following and the impact this has on regulatory compliance and culture. He is also considering issues relating to age discrimination, which builds on his previous work on aspects of corporate social responsibility. Gary has also conducted funded research on behalf of bodies such as the Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research, The Environment Agency of England and Wales, and the Engineering Employers Federation.

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