Prof Garth JS CooperDPhil (Oxon), DSc (Oxon), FRCPA, FRSNZ, FMedSci

Professor of Discovery and Experimental Medicine

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Research interests

Current projects in Manchester

  1. The molecular basis of Parkinson’s Disease - PhD
  2. The molecular basis of Alzheimer's Disease and Hungtington's Disease
  3. The role of copper in diabetic nephropathy
  4. Does copper (II) overload contribute to the pathology of diabetic retinopathy? - PhD
  5. A molecular basis for the induction and reversal of heart failure in pacing-induced cardiomyopathy - PhD
  6. Amyloid-β and Amylin: two amyloids in Alzheimer’s Disease - PhD
  7. Developing a new class of anti-amyloid experimental therapeutics in diabetes - PhD

Methodological knowledge

To achieve my research goals, I apply powerful techniques aimed at understanding the molecular mechanims of disease: these include mass-spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics, and transcriptomics. I undertake work in parallel using both nonclinical models and human clinical trials, emphasising the links between the two. At present, through CADET in Manchester, I am leading a programme in which such methods are being applied to the main ageing-related diseases, including diabetes, common forms of heart failure, and neurodegenerative diseases.

I am also active in developing Intellectural Property related to my investigations. In addition to my publications in scientific journals, I have been awarded 47 international patents.  I consider these patents to be just as important as the journal articles, because they underpin the processes by which my research can be translated into new medicines, and also because they provide independent evidence of the novelty, originality, and utility of the research.


Research and projects

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