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Our research involves the development of novel NMR spectroscopy techniques, and their application to problems in chemistry, biochemistry, and medicine. NMR is uniquely flexible, allowing great scope for ingenuity in designing experiments. Multidimensional NMR methods allow detailed structure determination for molecules as large as proteins, while recent advances in instrumentation allow the measurement of localised spectra in human beings. Manchester has one of the best-equipped NMR groups in the world, with over ten superconducting spectrometers in Chemistry alone. Current and projected work includes the development and application of diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY) methods for the analysis of complex mixtures, the development of new methods for imaging pH in the brain, the use of deconvolution techniques to circumvent instrumental limitations, improved techniques for studying chemical kinetics by NMR, the development of improved methods for chemical structure determination, the use of computer-aided methods for the analysis of complex spectra, and improvements to NMR instrumentation.


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