Dr Gail Millin-Chalabi

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Research interests

My principal research interests are in the field of burn scar mapping in UK moorlands using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). I am currently investigating SAR intensity and coherence parameters for characterising, detecting and assessing the persistence of burn scars in the Peak District National Park which occurred in 2003 and 2008. I am exploring the effect of  environmental parameters such as precipitation, land cover and slope on the SAR signal and how these variables can both enhance/ inhibit the detection of burn scars after a wildfire. I am also interesting in assessing the effect of the various radar parameters themselves on burn scar detection such as radar frequency, incidence angle and polarisation. 

Other research

I have a passion for developing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) to enable data sharing through the use of interoperable Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services. I have worked in the development of SDI for the past ten years. My experience at the USGS and Mimas has provided me with the opportunity to develop SDI at the local and national level. I have expertise in the development of open source stacks using MapServer, PHP/MapScript, Apache and in proprietary solutions such as ERDAS APOLLO 2011/2013.

Invited Presentations

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2017) EnviroSAR: Multi-Sensor Observations of Peat Moorland Burn Scars, Peak District, UK, Mini Workshop for Global Wildfire Prevention, 16th January 2017, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), The Artifical Intelligence Research Center, GeoInformation Science Team, Tokyo Waterfront, Japan.

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2016) 'EnviroSAR: Tomorrows success story', Advancements in the UK Space Sector session, Innovate 2016, 3th November 2016, Manchester Central Convention Complex.

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2016) 'EnviroSAR: Managing Wildfire Disturbance in Moorlands and Heathlands', Snapshot 1: Elevator Pitches from Winners of the European Satellite Navigation Competition and Copernicus Masters, Satellite Masters Conference 2016, 26th October 2016, Circulo De Bellas Artes De Madrid, Spain.

Millin-Chalabi, G. and Tantanasi, I. (2016) 'EnviroSAR pitch', Copernicus Accelerator Programme, 25th October 2016, Circulo De Bellas Artes De Madrid, Spain.

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2016) 'Radar Multi-Temporal and Multi-Sensor Approach to Characterise Peat Moorland Burn Scars and Assess Burn Scar Persistence', Centre for Landscape and Climate Research Seminar, 24th February 2016, The University of Leicester.

Millin-Chalabi, G. and Ramirez, M. (2013) 'Augmented Reality UKMap App: Inspiring School Children with Mapping Data', Augmented Reality Showcase, 16th May 2013, The University of Manchester

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2013) 'UK Wildfires Geoportal: Knowledge building through data sharing', 12th April 2013, England and Wales Wildfire Forum Meeting, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services.

Millin-Chalabi, G. (2012) 'What is spatial data and how can I access it for my research?Methods at Manchester,9th February 2012,The University of Manchester.

Millin, G.R. and Kitmitto, K. (2008) 'Mash-ups and applications: Understanding the changes of the intertidal bed at Morecambe Bay, Mimas Open Forum, 27th June 2008,The University of Manchester.

Millin, G. (2006) 'Satellite Image Data Service: Providing Satellite Data Online for the UK Academic Community', School of Geography Research Seminar, 13th December 2006, The University of Nottingham.

Millin, G. (2006) 'Developing OGC compliant web mapping and download user interface for the Satellite Image Data Service hosted at Mimas, AGI Open Source Event, 27th April 2006, British Antartic Survey, Cambridge.

Millin, G. (2006) ' The UK Satellite Image Data Service hosted at Mimas,The University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences Postgraduate Conference, 3rd - 5th February 2006, Strathpeffer, Scotland.

Other wider activities

2021 - Present Reviewer for Fire Ecology open access journal

2016 - Member of the Satellite Applications Catapult

2016 - Member of The University of Manchester Research Data Management (RDM) User Group

2014 - Present Reviewer for Remote Sensing open access journal

2014 - Present Member of the RSPSoc Education and Training Committee

2012 - Present Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

2005 - Present Member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc)

2005 - 2013: Co-Investigator of European Space Agency (ESA) C1P2999 Monitoring the UK with ASAR and MERIS.

2005 - 2013: Co-Investigator of Jisc funded Academic Spatial Data Infrastructure Landmap. Currently datasets are hosted at the NERC Centre for Environmental Data Archival.

2005 - 2013: Member of Association of Geographic Information (AGI)

Public Engagement

2016: Nerc Into the Blue Event - Preserving Our Moorlands - showcasing the work of the Environmental Processes Research Group (EPRG) at the Runway Visitors Centre, Manchester.

2016: Manchester Museum Big Saturday Event and European City of Science (ECoS) Open Labs Event - Virtual Vivarium Google Earth app and Augemented Reality Fabulous Frogs app

2014: Manchester Museum Big Saturday Event - members of the public interacted with the Virtual Vivarium KML visualisation I developed in Google Earth. This allowed them to discover the amphibian and reptiles species on display and behind the scenes at the museum.

2013: National Science and Engineering Week - using the UKMap augmented reality app developed with colleagues at Mimas. This app enabled school children aged 14-15 years to learn more about how to obtain information from a range of different mapping layers.


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