Prof Frederick Wu

Emeritus Professor

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Research interests

The overall aim of my research is to advance the understanding of the physiological control of testicular functions with the specific clinical objectives of providing:

i) Acceptable new reversible methods of male contraception

ii) Improved diagnosis and management of male hypogonadism (low testosterone levels) & infertility

iii) Better management of disordered sexual development and

iv) Improved quality of life in ageing men.

My research encompasses the full spectrum of basic to applied clinical aspects of male reproductive functions. I was instrumental in translating results of public sector research on hormonal male contraception to industrial product development resulting in two major international pharmaceutical companies forming a joint development programme in this novel method of fertility regulation for men. My most recent research focus has shifted from reproductive physiology and fertility control to endocrine ageing in men. I lead the largest multi-centre (8 centre European Male Ageing Study EMAS) longitudinal cohort study on the health of ageing in men in the world. ( My research output has been consistently maintained at the forefront of the field internationally for the last 20 years as evidenced by external grant income, publications, and invited lectures.


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