Prof Fraser Macbride

Professor in Philosophy

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Research interests

I have recently completed a monograph on the metaphysical origins of analytic philosophy (On the Genealogy of Universals: The Metaphysical Origins of Analytic Philosophy) and I am currently working on a monograph on the metaphysics of relations (Relations: Existence, Nature and Applications),  both with Oxford University Press.  I am also currently investigating the relationship between Quine and Lewis, as part of the AHRC project Age of Metaphysical Revolution.

More generally, my published work covers four interrelated fields.

(1) Metaphysics: Meta-Ontology, Truth-Making, Essentialism, Relations, Universals

(2) Philosophy of Mathematics: Neo-Freganism, Structuralism, Fictionalism

(3) Philosophy of Language: Reference, Predication and Quantification

(4) History of Analytic Philosophy: Frege, W.E. Johnson, McTaggart, G.E. Moore, Ramsey, Russell, Stout, Whitehead, Wittgenstein (early 20th century) and Quine, Davidson and Lewis (late 20th century)


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