Prof Fraser Macbride

Professor in Philosophy

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Fraser has supervised research students working on a wide range of areas, from metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of language to the history of analytic philosophy.

Particular topics have included: meta-ontology, essentialism, the concept horse paradox,  plurals, the multiple relation theory of judgment, higher-order logic, mathematical structuralism, neo-fregeanism, Sellar's nominalism, Quine and naturalism, Davidson on conceptual schemes, universals, tropes, the problem of the many, the metaphysics of change, persistence, powers and essential properties.

He is currently supervising Justin Mullins on Quine and the philosophy of mathematics.

As well as welcoming research students working in these areas, Fraser would be interested to supervise students to work on relations, truth-making or the philosophy of David Lewis, in connection with the AHRC project at at Manchester, Age of Metaphysical Revolution.