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Professor of Cultural Histories

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Postgraduate Students Present and Past

Postgraduate Students: Present and Past
I welcome applications for PhD research in all areas of twentieth-century British social and cultural history. I have particular research specialisms in: urban culture/ history of London; histories of sexuality; consumer and commercial culture; monarchy and the social elites.

Current PhD Students

Alexander Spacey, (since 2019) 'Representations of American Society and Culture in British Cinema and Television, 1960-1981,' self-funded, full-time. With Dr Max Jones.

Jennifer Haywood, (since 2019) 'Queer Beside the Sea: Male Homosexuality in British Coastal Resorts, 1918 - 1990,' AHRC-funded, full-time. With Dr Eloise Moss.

Completed PhD Students

Julia Maclachlan, (2020) ‘Male Homosexuality 1945-70: Transnational Scientific and Social Knowledge in British and west European contexts,’ ESRC/ AHRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Dr Christian Goeschel,

Michael Potter, (2019) 'The Joke's on Who?': Comedy and the Construction of English Identities, c. 1945-1970, SALC Studentship, full-time. Supervised with Dr Max Jones.

Jacob Bloomfield, (2018) 'Heroines, Queens, Goddesses and Glamazons: Male Cross-Dressing Performance in Britain, 1918-1970,' Self-funded, full-time. Supervised with Prof Laura Doan,

Hannah Kershaw, (2016) ‘Children's Literature and AIDS/ HIV,’ ESRC funded, , full-time. Supervised with Dr David Kirby

Ian Field, (2015) ‘Dangerous Sexualities and the Cultural Geography of the North-West of England in the 1960s: the “Moors Murders,”’ self-funded, part-time. Supervised with Dr Max Jones.

Ed Owens, (2015) ‘Royal Emotions for the People: Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public 1919-1953,’ AHRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Dr Max Jones.

Clare Tebbutt, (2014) 'Popular and Medical Understandings of Sex Change in 1930s Britain,’ AHRC Funded, part-time. Supervised with Prof. Laura Doan.

Samantha Caslin Bell, (2013) 'The "Gateway to Adventure": Women, Urban Space and Moral Purity in Liverpool c. 1908-1957,' ESRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Prof. Carol Smart.

Rebecca Conway, (2012) ‘Modernity and Popular Cultures of Holiday-Making in c. 1930s Blackpool,’ AHRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Prof. Laura Doan.

Alexandra Mitchell, (2012) 'Masculinity in 19th century Clubs and Associations: Manchester and Liverpool, 1800-1914,' AHRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Prof. Hannah Barker.

Alexandros Papadopoulos (2012) 'A Violent Archaeology of Dreams: The Aesthetics of Crime in Austerity Britain,’ State Scholarship I.K.Y., Greece, full-time. Supervised with Prof Jackie Stacey.

Ian Boutle, (2010) ‘Masculinity, National Identity and Modernity: English Land Speed Record-Holders 1907-1931,’ AHRC Funded, full-time. Supervised with Dr Max Jones. 

Michelle Johansen, (2006) ‘The Public Librarian in Modern London (1890-1914): the Case of Charles Goss, University of East London, with Dr John Marriott, Funded by the Bishopsgate Institute, full-time. Passed 2006.