Dr Felipe G. Santos


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Felipe G. Santos is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester, where he is part of the MOBILISE project. His research is centered in the area of social movements and protests. He is currently focused on two projects. With MOBILISE, he is researching about the dynamics of protest and migrations and whether similar factors drive the choice to migrate and/or protest. Additionally, Felipe is exploring how care dynamics among activists empower heavily aggrieved collectives, and the role of non-beneficiary constituents in initiating mobilizations. His paper ‘Social Movements and the Politics of Care: Empathy, Solidarity and Eviction Blockades’ has been published at Social Movement Studies, and he has a forthcoming book in Spanish titled La Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca 2009-2019: Una década de lucha por la vivienda digna.


  • social movements, Protest, Mixed Methods Research

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