Dr Felicia Chan

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

My research can be mapped onto three main strands:

1. Film and cultural historiography, especially the socio-economic conditions for cultural production, reception and exhibition, and equally, their suppression. I am particularly interested in marginalised (even 'forgotten') texts and practices, and the politics of knowledge production (or repression).

2. Curation/programming (practice) as research. I continue to explore through the work of the Chinese Film Forum UK the creative possibilities for collaboration between academic institutions and cultural sector partners in initiating and supporting impact-driven research.

3. Affect and embodiment. A fairly new area of research — I am increasingly interested in bodies on screen and on seats, and how the materiality of the body (the actor, the medium, or even the venue) may be reconciled with the ephemerality of the screen medium. Initial forays into the subject appear to be crossing over with performance art and gallery films. I'm happy to have a conversation with anyone interested in similar subjects.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display