Prof Eva Schultze-Berndt

Professor of Linguistics

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Research interests

General research interests:

– Linguistic typology, particularly in the areas of complex predication, overt classification of verbs/events, secondary predication, spatial language, parts of speech, modality, and information structure

– Construction-based approaches to grammatical analysis

– Syntax of spoken language

– Lexical semantics, in particular the interface between morphosyntax, argument structure and lexical semantics of verbs

– Language contact phenomena, including lexical and grammatical borrowing, code-switching, creole languages, and language shift

– Issues in documentary and descriptive linguistics, including e.g. fieldwork methodology, annotation of corpus data and the structure of reference grammars

Areal specialisation (own fieldwork):

Australian languages, in particular Western Mirndi (Jaminjung, Ngaliwurru and Nungali), Ngumpin (Ngarinyman), and Northern Australian (“Roper River”) Kriol.

Other research

Externally funded Projects:

Discourse and prosody across language family boundaries: two corpus-based case studies on contact-induced syntactic and prosodic convergence in the encoding of information structure” (2011-2014). Documentation of Endangered Languages Programme (DoBeS), Volkswagen Foundation ( Cooperation partner of Dr Claudia Wegener, PI (U Bielefeld), Dr Candide Simard (SOAS) and Dr. Felicity Meakins (U Queensland).

The interrelation of Tense, Aspect and Modality with Evidentiality in Australian Aboriginal languages” (TAMEAL) (2009-2012). Funded by a EU mobility programme (7th Framework, Marie Curie Actions). Cooperation with Dr Patrick Caudal (PI), Dr Martina Faller (UoM) and other colleagues in Leuven (B), Paris (F), Perth (AUS) and Melbourne (AUS).

"Jaminjungan and Eastern Ngumpin: A documentation of the linguistic and cultural knowledge of speakers in a multilingual setting in the Victoria River District, N. Australia." (2005–2008; ext to 2011). Documentation of Endangered Languages Programme (DoBeS), Volkswagen Foundation ( PI; Team members include Dr Patrick McConvell (ANU), Candide Simard, Felicity Meakins, Erika Charola, Dorothea Hoffmann (all UoM during project period), Kristina Henschke (U Graz).

The painter's eye, the painter's voice: Language, art and landscape in the Gija world.” (2009–2012). Funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP). PI; main investigator: Frances Kofod.


Research and projects

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