Prof Eva Schultze-Berndt

Professor of Linguistics

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I welcome applications for projects investigating an aspect of grammar from a functional-typological perspective, in particular in lesser studied languages and varieties. I am particularly interested in the grammar and semantics of spatial expressions, parts of speech systems, information structure, modality, complex predication and secondary predication.


Previous and current PhD projects supervised by me include:

Serial Verb Constructions in Mandarin Chinese and Jinjiang Southern Min (Ying Fan)

Aspects of Lete (Larteh) Grammar (Mercy Akrofi Ansah)

Prosodic Contours of Jaminjung, a Language of Northern Australia (Candide Simard)

Descriptions of Motion and Travel in Jaminjung and Kriol (Dorothea Hoffmann)

Study of space in Caac, a Kanak language spoken in the north of New Caledonia (Aurélie Cauchard)

Tense, Aspect and Modality in Bastimentos Creole (Heidi Reid)

An investigation of the spatial semantics of Chiapas Zoque, a Mixe-Zoquean language of southern Mexico (Luke McDermott)