Prof Erik Swyngedouw

Professor of Human Geography

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Current PhD students

  • Robin de la Motte: Water, Urban Development and Grassroots movements in Latin America (with D. Mitlin)
  • Jason Beery: The Political Economy of Outer Space (with N. Castree)
  • Miranda Morgan: The Political Ecology of Hunger (with N. Castree)
  • Gale Reichert: Commodity Chains and Environmental Governance (with K. Nadvi)
  • Simon Addison: Refugees, Water, and Politics in Uganda
  • Kim Hammond: The Politics of Genetically Modified Foods
  • Sampson Wong: Health, Food, and the Political Ecology of Urbanization in Hong Kong
  • Lazaros Karaliotas: The Cultural Political Economy of Scale, The Case of Thessaloniki
  • Suraya Fazel-Ellahi: Water Struggles in Cape Town, South Africa (with M. Kaika)