Prof Erica Burman

Professor of Education

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Current research students

Pre-trial therapy and defensive practice in the case of child sexual abuse investigations (Nafeesa Nazami, registered part-time PhD, 2013)

Sexuality in group analysis (Dan Anderson, registered part-time PhD, 2014)

Discourses of child protection under conditions of counter-terrorism (Zahra Alijah, registered part time PhD)

Community radio and empowerment: a participatory action research project (Annette Rimmer, part-time Ed D)

Accounts of counselling psychology in practice in Hong Kong (Tiffany Leung, D Couns Psy)

A thematic analysis of the impacts of counselling psychology training on romantic relationships (Aspasia Ftenou, D Couns Psy)

Reflecting teams and their relevance for counselling psychology: a qualitative study (Jaina Bharkdha, D Couns Psy)

Challenging racism in the therapy room: therapists' accounts of their experiences and strategies (Angelina Baslari, D Couns Psy)

Counselling psychology provision for and needs of deaf and hearing-impaired clients: practitioner perspectives (Aliki Vasiliadou, D Couns Psy)

Intercultural therapy and its relevance for Eastern European migrants (Tatsiana Stevens, D Couns Psy)

UK BAME counselling psychology trainees' experiences of training, an IPA study (Dashnye Daloye, D Couns Psy)

Previous supervisions

I have supervised over 50 doctorates, including:

Discourse Analysis of Education Case Conferences

Gendered Psycho-Technocomplexes: the dynamics of Boundary Objects

Exploring Black Women's Engagements in Referrals to and Participation in Clinical Psychology Services

The Process of Change in a Feminist Psychotherapeutic Group for Women with Eating Problems

The Use of Humour: a cultural psychoanalysis

The Impact of Pornography on Female Sexual Identity

Developmental Psychology and Fitness to Parent

Women in Special Hospitals and Constructions of Sexual Abuse

Socially Involved Women: accounts, experiences and explanations

The Single Parent Action Network UK: an organosational analysis of "grassroots, multi-racial, participatory practices"

Young Women, Girl Bands, Femininities and Feminisms

From Anarchy to Asylum: Paddington Day Hospital and Beyond

Gender, Drugs and the Social Imaginary

African Women's Experiences of War: a critical feminist analysis of the role of refugee women in South Africa in times of armed conflict

Group Analysis, Large Groups and the Internet Unconscious

Discourses of Transition in South Africa: a critical feminist analysis of Black women's life narratives within the cultural-political project of nation

Becoming a Psychologist in South Africa

Manchester, Migration and Culture

Treatment Accessibility and Provision for Substance-Misusing Sub-Populations: identifying needs and barriers to services

Gender and Migration Narratives and the Antiracist Movement in Athens

Emotionality and Motivations of the Sport Spectator: a Societal-Figurational Approach

Globalizing Disorders: psychiatric (mis)encounters in India

"Rape is..." A Feminist Analysis of the Production and Transformation of Rape Discourses

Writing Stories: Contemporary political constructions of social work

Critical Textual Analysis of Audre Lorde in Relation to the Constitutions of Embodied Difference

Gender and empowerment: community activism and participatory research (Hannah Berry, registration fulltime September 2009, awarded December 2013)

Disability and empowerment: a school-based participatory action research study (Anat Greenstein, registered 2009, submitted September 2013, awarded December 2013

Effects of introducing a minimum age for consent to marriage in Saudi Arabia as a deterrent to forced marriage (Husain Hakami) (registration fulltime September 2009, submitted October 2013, awarded May 2014)

A qualitative analysis of counselling psychologists' accounts of the use of exercise in therapy (Ruth Gordon, D Couns Psy, awarded November 2014)

Mindfulness in oncology care (Andrew Greaves, D Couns Psy, awarded November 2014)

Mental health needs of street-connected children accessing NGO support in India; a narrative thematic analysis (Parneet Chahal, D Couns Psy, awarded December 2014)

(Re-) considering the place of democracy in education: an ethnographic study (Gail Davidge, PhD registered fulltime 2011, awarded 2015)

Narratives of breast cancer (Emily Cudworth, D Couns Psy, awarded 2016)

A heuristic study exploring the experience of OCD (Kieran Nolan, registered part-time PhD, awarded 2015)

Helpfulness of therapy for women undergoing breast cancer treatment (D Couns Psy, Kate Harrison, awarded 2015)

Discourses of adult and child in a therapy with a young person (Keren Nowak, D Couns Psy, awarded 2015)

Orientalism, zionism and the academic everyday: Middle eastern studies in Israeli Universities (Eyal Clyne, full-time, PhD awarded 2016)

A narrative analysis of the psychosocial impacts of the ‘bedroom tax’ (Lauren McCoy, D Couns Psy, awarded 2016)

Coming out stories of young gay, lesbian and bi-people, and their parents: a narrative analysis (Glenn Mason, D Couns Psy, awarded December 2016)

A narrative analysis of Syrian refugees' coping strategies during the Syrian conflict: a UK-baed study (Raoom Qureshi, D Couns Psy, awarded December 2016)

Understandings of identies of students from forced migration backgrounds: a dialogical narrative analysis (Doireann Mangan, D Couns Psy, awarded November 2017)

Expatriates emotional challenges and coping strategies: a qualitative study (Panon Plantinitis, D Couns Psy, awarded January 2018)

What do women need? a qualitative analysis of the support needs of women accessing psychological support in domestic violence refuges (D Couns Psy, Nerys Owen, awarded January 2018)

Group analytic art therapy for people with Parkinsn's: a qualitative study (Sally Schofield, ESRC funded PhD, awarded May 2018)

A foucauldian, phenomenological analysis of rehablitation experiences following spinal chord injury (Esther Ingham, D Couns Psy)

Exploring the psychosocial needs of Syrian refugees in the UK: Accounts of Community Service Providers (Faten Sabouni, D Couns Psy)

Power and resistance: a Foucauldian analysis into workplace bullying in the NHS (Nancy Learver, D Couns Psy)

The subjective experience of Chinese counselling clients and the relationship with Chinese cultural identity (Feng (Davy) Guo, D Couns Psy)

Faithhealing at a Muslim shrine in Gujarat, India: exploring the Site, Subject and Ghost (Sabah Siddiqui, PhD)