Prof Eric Mcinnes

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

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Research interests

Research interests in the Manchester Molecular Magnetism Group encompass synthetic coordination chemistry through to hard-core physical measurements on molecular magnetic materials. In particular we study d- and f-block coordination compounds where the paramagnetism gives rise to fascinating and potentially useful physical properties. The latter include magnetic memory effects ("single molecule magnets"), very large magnetocaloric effects which can be exploited for low temperature refrigeration, and materials that are potential elements in quantum information processing. We study the magnetic properties by magnetometry and EPR spectroscopic methods and collaborate widely with world-class physicists for further characterisation and exploitation. 

I am Co-Director (with Prof David Collison) of the EPSRC-funded UK National EPR Facility and Service, which offers facilities and expertise for c.w. EPR at L, S, X, K, Q and W-band and pulsed EPR at S, X and Q-band to UK academics. 

Keywords: coordination chemistry; molecular magnetism; inorganic synthesis; lanthanides; supramolecular chemistry; EPR


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