Dr Enrique Jimenez-Melero

Senior Lecturer

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Student Theses

  1. 2019
  2. Microstructural Evolution of AGR Steel Cladding During Processing and Proton Irradiation

    Author: Barcellini, C., 1 Aug 2019

    Supervisor: Burke, M. G. (Supervisor) & Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  3. 2018
  4. Friction Stir Welding of ODS Steels for Future Generation Nuclear Reactors

    Author: Dawson, H., 1 Aug 2018

    Supervisor: Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor) & Burke, M. G. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  5. Modelling Helium Embrittlement in Iron Based Metals Under DEMO Conditions

    Author: Menzies, L., 1 Aug 2018

    Supervisor: Mummery, P. (Supervisor), Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor) & Race, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  6. Nanoscale structure damage in irradiated W-Ta alloys for nuclear fusion reactors.

    Author: Ipatova, I., 1 Aug 2018

    Supervisor: Preuss, M. (Supervisor), Pimblott, S. (Supervisor) & Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  7. Modelling Early Stages of Hydrogen Embrittlement and Surface Oxidation of Iron using Density Functional Theory

    Author: Chohan, U., 3 Jan 2018

    Supervisor: Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor) & Koehler, S. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  8. 2017
  9. The effect of chemical segregation on phase transformations and mechanical behaviour in a TRIP-assisted dual phase steel

    Author: Ennis, B., 31 Dec 2017

    Supervisor: Lee, P. (Supervisor) & Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  10. 2016
  11. Precipitate characterization and stability in V-based alloys for nuclear fusion reactors

    Author: Impagnatiello, A., 31 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Jimenez-Melero, E. (Supervisor) & Mummery, P. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd