Dr Eloise Moss

Lecturer in Modern British History

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Research interests

Both my teaching and research focus on histories of politics, society, and culture in Modern Britain since 1800, with the following specialisms:

  • Burglary, and the relationship between crime, the media, and commercial security industries;
  • Urban and domestic space, and the organisation of bodies and material belongings within those spaces;
  • Gender and sexuality;
  • Technologies of surveillance and communication.

My first book, entitled Night Raiders: Burglary and the Making of Modern Urban Life, London 1860-1968, was published by Oxford University Press in July 2019 and seeks to develop and expand my doctoral research on the significance of burglary (or, the threat thereof) to the way in which homes and cities have been experienced, imagined, and structured in the past. Taking insights from histories of emotion and psychology, I interrogate both fear-mongering ideas about burglary generated through insurance and lock-and-safe industry advertising, as well as pleasurable, sexy, glamorised versions of burglary in film and fiction that offered an outlet for anti-authoritarian sentiment - as well as the opportunity to enjoy vicariously the thrill of obtaining unearned wealth. These themes have informed my journal publications to date (see 'Publications' tab), as points of departure for exploring broader issues about British national identity, gender relations, and citizenship. I have additionally published work on the interwar 'celebrity' detective Frederick Porter Wensley and the relationship between policing, authority, and the press; and am currently engaged in a project on child migration to Canada from Britain during the period 1860-1935 with my colleagues Dr Charlotte Wildman and Dr Ruth Lamont. My next project will be on the role of hotels in the formation of British national identities between 1918 and 2000, research I am currently disseminating at conferences.

Research Supervision

Please email me at Eloise.Moss@manchester.ac.uk if you would like to discuss postgraduate study and research supervision. I would be delighted to hear from prospective Masters or Doctoral students with research interests broadly in the field of Modern British History, and especially from those whose dissertation topics might potentially intersect with histories of crime, consumerism, gender, sexuality, race/racism, technology, and/or urban culture.


Research and projects

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