Dr Ellen Poliakoff

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

I am interested in the overlap between cognition and motor processes, and the brain mechanisms underlying them; in particular, the relationship between eye movements and attention and cognitive changes in Parkinson’s disease. I am also interested in tactile and cross-modal attention. I am co-director of the BEAM (Body Eyes and Movement) lab with Dr Emma Gowen http://beamlab.lab.ls.manchester.ac.uk/




Parkinson’s disease, action and cognition: My PhD work suggested that patients with Parkinson’s disease find stimuli in their environment more attention grabbing than do healthy subjects of the same age. I have also investigated how patients are affected by seeing action-relevant graspable objects and the sight of other people moving. Currently, we are investigating how Parkinson’s affects communication (PhD student funded by Parkinson’s UK) and imitation in Parkinson’s (project funded by the ESRC).

I have also researched how Parkinson’s affects everyday cognition, such as memory and attention lapses. And I have carried out a project the potential benefits of gym training on people with Parkinson's, supported by Parkinson's UK and in collaboration with Bolton Arena. More recently we have pilotted the use of computerised cognitive training for people with Parkinson’s.

Attention, the body and medically unexplained symptoms: I am interested in how we pay attention to touch and the body. I am collaborating with Dr Richard Brown and Dr Donna Lloyd to investigate how we may misperceive tactile stimuli and how this process may be affected in patients with medically unexplained symptoms.

Multisensory integration: Integrating information from different modalities (vision, hearing, touch) is of fundamental importance in everyday life. I am working with Emma Gowen to investigate how these processes are affected by autism and in old age.

Perception and Eye movements: I am also interested in perception more generally and have worked on the link between eye movements and memory for velocity and flavour perception. I am currently collaborating with Dr Marco Bertamini and Dr Alexis Makin (University of Liverpool) on the perception of symmetry.


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