Ms Elisa Mendes Vasconcelos

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Prior to Manchester, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and my Master’s from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, both in Brazil. I have experience as a research assistant in comparative poverty alleviation policies in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico), as well as perceptions of political and bureaucratic elites towards social inequality.

My Ph.D. research deals with the gender gap in the upper-echelon political appointment posts in the Federal Executive Service in Brazil. I am interested in how formal and informal institutional rules operate to maintain the glass ceiling in these political-bureaucratic positions.

Areas of expertise

  • JA Political science (General) - Bureaucratic Elites, Public Managers, Political Appointees, Federal Executive Service, Senior Executive Service, Public Administration, Feminist Institutionalism, Political Bureaucratic
  • HM Sociology - Poverty Alleviation Policies, Inequalities, Latin America, Quantitative Methods