Dr Eleanor Cheadle PhD, BSc (Hons), FHEA

Research Fellow

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Research interests

I am currently interested in investigating how radiotherapy affects the tumour immune microenvironment and whether understanding this will enable us to predict which Immuno Oncology (IO) agents would be best combined with radiotherapy for individual patients. We are using patient samples to look for predictive/prognostic and dynamic immune biomarkers of response to radiotherapy and radiotherapy/IO combinations.

My previous research interests lay in  immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies. I have been particularly interested in ways to improve the generation of effective anti-tumour T-cell immune responses post anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody therapy by combining anti CD20 antibodies with radiotherapy and/or immunomodulatory agents. I am also interested in adoptive cell therapy, in particular gene modified T-cells expressing CD19 specific chimeric antigen receptors.



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