Dr Elaine Dewhurst

Senior Lecturer in Employment Law

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Research interests


The main focus of my research is employment law. I am currently conducting three specific research projects. The first is on age discrimination in employment which examines age discriminatory practices in recruitment, employment and in termination of employment. The second is on employment rights and their extension to irregular immigrants. This particular project examines the impact of a failure to protect the employment rights of irregular immigrants and examines ways in which states can develop protection regimes. These two projects tie in with my third more general project (based on my PhD research) which looks at the disconnect between employment law and immigration law and the impact of this disconnect on the rights of immigrants to equality.

  • Employment Law (particularly, equality law (age discrimination law))
  • European Law (particularly, European Equality law)
  • Human Rights Law (particularly, equality law)
  • Immigration Law (particularly, the rights of irregular immigrants)


Research and projects