Prof Elaine Bignell PhD

Honorary Chair

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Research interests

The aim of my research is to deliver, from molecules - through cells - to living animals, the insight required to design and generate the next generation of anit-infective therapeutic entities. These might impact pathogen and/or host activites to effect a favourable outcome of disease.  My group is  working to identify crucial sensory, signalling and secreted proteins used by A fumigatus to withstand stress within the host environment and invade the respiratory mucosa.  We are also working with mathematicians to derive a fully quantitative understanding of the host pathogen interactionm which will enable us to redefine fungal pathogenicity according to the relative contributions of host and pathogen activities.  I have accrued a  theoretical and practical working knowledge of whole animal infection modelling, epithelial and macrophage infection assays, fungal classical and molecular genetics, analysis of protein-protein interactions in living fungal cells, whole genome transcriptomics analyses and phenotypic screening.


Research and projects

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