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Accounting PhD applications welcomed:

Applications from prospective accounting PhD students are welcomed for the following broad topic areas and on an international basis, and please get in touch informally via email to discuss potential supervision:

  • Market-based accounting research (otherwise known as capital markets research in accounting)
  • Role of accounting information in security valuation and corporate governance
  • Economic consequences of accounting standards and disclosure regulations
  • Financial analyst forecast properties and informativeness
  • Corporate corruption and financial statement fraud
  • Corporate social responsibility disclosure determinants and consequences
  • Influence of taxation on corporate disclosure and capital market information environment
  • China's accounting and capital market development, which includes, but are not limited to, the following:
Corporate social responsibility and environmental disclosure in China
Corporate disclosure practices and IFRS impact in China
Corporate governance effects in China
Capital market reforms and regulations in China 


The PhD process is an adventure of academic exploration, and opportunity to expand intellectual boundaries, and a transformation from end-user to creator of new knowledge, and we welcome you to join this rewarding journey of discovery.