Prof Delia Bentley

Professor of Romance Linguistics

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As a teacher, I seek to encourage curiosity and enthusiam for knowledge and scientific investigation. I reward rigorous and independent thinking and clarity of thought and expression. I pay particular attention to the development of transferable skills, which students can apply later in life in any work environment.

Over the years I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate course units on Italian and Romance linguistics, the syntax-lexical semantics interface, English morphology and syntax, stylistics, dialectology (in particular, the Romance dialects of Italy) and Role and Reference Grammar.

I currently teach both in the Department of Linguistics and English Language and in the Modern Languages Department. The course units that I offer at the moment are the following:

LELA10301 - English Word and Sentence Structure (level 1, 20 credits, ca. 130 students, compulsory for all students on English Language and Linguistics degrees).

LELA32001/LELA62001/ITAL32001 - Romance Linguistics (level 3 and MA, 20 credits, ca. 30 students).

LELA20042/LELA30642/LELA60642 - Meaning in Grammar (levels 2, 3 and MA, 20 credits, ca. 50 students).

ITAL50510 - Italian Language Lecture (a weekly lecture on the Italian language, which is part of the core language course unit taken by Italian Studies students at level 1).

I also co-teach the Research Methods component of our MA Linguistics.