Prof Delia Bentley

Professor of Romance Linguistics

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 As a teacher, I seek to encourage curiosity and enthusiam for knowledge and scientific investigation. I reward rigorous and independent thinking and clarity of thought and expression. I pay particular attention to the development of transferable skills, which students can apply later in life in any work environment.

Over the years I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate course units on Italian and Romance linguistics, English morphology and syntax, stylistics, dialectology (in particular, the Romance dialects of Italy) and  Role and Reference Grammar.

The course units that I am teaching at the moment are the following:

LELA10301 - English Word and Sentence Structure (level 1, 20 credits, 160 students, core for English Language and Linguistics students).

LELA32001/LELA60071/ITAL32001 - Topics in Romance Linguistics (level 3 and M.A., 20 credits, 42 students).