Mrs Debra Jones MSc, RNutr

Nutrition Research Associate

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Research interests

Supporting family carers to enable patient discharge from hospital in advanced disease (end of life):a qualitative study with carers and professionals to adapt evidence-based carer assessment to acute care settings. Co-researcher (2015)

Public & Patient Involvement bursary for “The Nutritional Status of Coeliac Disease patients and their risk of cancer”. NIHR Research Design Service Public Involvement Bursary. £348.34, Lead Applicant. (2013)


A Single blind Randomised Controlled Trial for Pre-Operative Oral Supplementation in Colorectal Cancer Patients. The British Dietetic Association. £35,793, Co-Researcher. (2013)

The influence of genetic variation in dopamine signalling on the sustainability of lifestyle interventions, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. £9838, Co-Applicant. (2011)

Evaluation of Lincolnshire 'Food 4 life' projects. NHS Lincolnshire. £30,937. Co - Applicant. (2011)

Evaluation of Sheffield - Let's Change for Life. A healthy community's challenge fund programme. Department of Health. £175,000. Co- researcher (2008)

Effectiveness of a physical activity behaviour change programme for overweight individuals and their families in nine deprived areas of Barnsley. NHS £1.1million. Co- Researcher. (2009)


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