Dr David Williams

eMerlin Research Support Scientist

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Research interests

I consider myself a radio astronomer first-and-foremost, focussing on the processes that govern black holes (both super-massive and Galactic), the physics of the jets that emanate from these black holes, and the variable and transient radio phenomena associated with explosive sources such as Gamma Ray Bursts, cataclysmic variables and X-ray binaries. These different areas of research all help to investigate the accretion process onto compact objects, and the subsequent outflows and jets. As an e-MERLIN Operations Support Scientist, the e-MERLIN array is an excellent tool for these studies as it probes high resolutions, removing contamination from non-accretion-related activities, but also gives the dynamic response to study the rapidly varying transient sources.

I am heavily involved in the Legacy e-MERLIN survey, LeMMINGs, which aims to provide a legacy statistically-complete census of accretion and star formation activity in the nearby Universe. I am also a member of ThunderKAT, a large survey programme with the SKA-pathfinder array, MeerKAT, studying explosive and transient radio phenomena. 


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display