Dr David Schoch

Presidential Fellow (Academic)

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Research interests

My main research interest lies in methodological and theoretical foundations of social network analysis. I am, however, also involved in a variety of different research projects.

Network Centrality. My main research interested is the concept of network centrality and how to circumvent the (ab)use of centrality indices. My goal is to develop and establish new and complementary tools to assess importance in networks. The tools are made available in the R package netrankr which comes with an extensive user manual.

Political Astroturfing. I am part of an international team of researchers, dedicated to uncover and analyse disinformation campaigns on social media. The aim is to study strategies and the potential impact of such campaigns, especially in an electoral context.

Soccer Analytics. I am the principal maintainer of soccerverse.com, a project dedicated to the analysis of football ("soccer") related data. The project aims to provide a world ranking of clubs which is coherent with the national ranking of FIFA. The database consists of more than 1 million matches played in more than 200 top tier leagues and cups around the globe.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display