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Research interests

His main research interests are in British politics, Australian politics, public policy, governance, globalisation, state theory and political biography. He is currently researching: the changing role of the state through a critique of the literatures on governance, democracy and accountability, the regulatory state and implementation; leaks and whistle blowing in government; a multi-theoretical study on diffuse water pollution and the role of political biography in political analysis.

Other research

Recent Funded Projects

Title of project: The Technical, Governance and Regulatory Muddle of Diffuse Urban Water Pollution
Awarding body: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
People Involved: David Richards [P.I.] and Daniel Fitzpatrick [Politics], John Hennerbury [Town and Regional Planning] , David Lerner, Virginia Stovin and Adrian Saul [Engineering] – all University of Sheffield.
Duration: 2011-12
Total award: £50,125

Title of project: Building Bridges between Political Biography and Political Science – A Methodologically Innovative Study of the Core Executive under New Labour
Awarding body: Economic and Social Research Council 
People Involved: David Richards 
Duration: 2006-9
Total award: £81.251

Title of project: Public Service Delivery Programme: Analysing Delivery Chains in the Home Office.
People Involved: Martin Smith, David Richards and Andrew Geddes
Duration: 2007-9
Total award: £43,275


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