Dr David Oulton


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Research interests

Research interests, and publications cover -

1. Colour measurement and Communication systems

2. Colorimetric Modelling

3. Precision colour imaging

4. Modelling the visual colour response.

5. Product colour simulation using texture modelling systems.

6. Fire retardant textile materials.

For a number of years I managed the UMIST Colour Communication Research Group, which in total employed five full time research associates on a range of EPSRC funded projects.

Other research

Research Projects and expenditure

David Oulton has been either Principle Investigator or co-Investigator on 5 major research projects with a total budget of £1,665,000. Of this total £ 844,000 is direct UMIST research expenditure within the Department. The most recent EPSRC grant  of £62,500 ran from 2001 - 2003.

The completed EPSRC projects have achieved one alpha 4, 3 Alpha 3 ratings and an Alpha 2. The Teaching Company resulted in significant Technology Licensing activity, with three licensees, and an income to UMIST in excess of £250,000.

The Company Colorite Ltd was founded to exploit the output of EPSRC project GR/J 91852, and employed three members of the UMIST research team, and the former Teaching Company RA. Datacolor International subsequently bought the company, for a sum approaching £1,000,000.

The above projects involved 16.5 man-years of Research Associate effort

In addition, a Teaching company Programme with Worthington Manufacturing (Grant value £93,000) was launched in Oct 2001 and completed in 2003. It employed one RA, and  established and widened the use of calibrated imaging systems for colour communication at the company.


Research and projects

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