Prof David Hulme

Professor of Development Studies

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Research interests

  • Political economy analysis (PEA)
  • Rural development policy and planning
  • Poverty reduction strategies
  • Finance for the poor
  • Sociology of development
  • Role of community organisations and NGOs
  • Evaluation of technical assistance
  • Environmental management; public sector reform

Country Experience:

Bangladesh, Belize, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe.

Other research

Editorship of Journals


2006 to date:Canadian Journal of Development Studies (Editorial Board)
2003 to date:Oxford Development Studies (Editorial Board)
2003 to 2008:Public Administration and Development (Editorial Board)
1997 to date:Public Management Journal (Editor for Developing Countries)
1994 to 1998:Journal of International Development (Joint Managing Editor)
1987 to 1994:Manchester Papers on Development (Book Review Editor)

Recent Guest Editorships of Refereed Journals

(forthcoming 2012) Special Issue: Histories of Microfinance, Journal of Business History (with T Arun)

(2011) Special Issue: Health, Health-care, Well-being and Poverty, Journal of Development Studies (with D Lawson)

(2006) Special Issue: Understanding Poverty and Well-Being: Bridging the Disciplines, Journal of Development Studies, 42(7) (with J Toye).

(2005), Special Issue: Chronic Poverty and Social Protection, European Journal of Development Research, 17(1) (with A Barrientos)

(2003), Special Issue: Chronic Poverty and Development Policy, World Development, 31(3) (with A Shepherd)

(2002) Special Issue: Different Poverties, Different Policies, Journal of International Development 14(5) (with B Cooke)

Recent Working Papers

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Recent Pre-publications/Drafts

Neglecting the urban poor in Bangladesh(with Banks, N., Roy, M)

Whats Wrong and Whats Right With Microfinance

Adaptation To Climate Change By Urban Poor In Khulna, Bangladesh(with Roy, M, Jahan, F)

Beyond the BICs: identifying the 'emerging middle powers' and understanding their role in global poverty reduction(with Scott, J., vom Hau, M.)

Recent BWPI Working Papers

Poverty and climate change in urban Bangladesh (CLIMURB): an analytical framework - 2011 - (with Roy, M., Guy,S. & Jahan, F.)
Neglecting the urban poor in Bangladesh: research, policy and action in the context of climate change - 2011 - (with Banks, N. & Roy, M.)
Social protection in sub-Saharan Africa: Will the green shoots blossom? - 2010 - (with Niño-Zarazúa, M., Barrientos, A. & Hickey, S.)
Has civil society helped the poor? A review of the roles and contributions of civil society to poverty reduction - 2010 - (with Ibrahim, S)
The political economy of the MDGs: Retrospect and prospect for the world's biggest promise - 2010 - (with Scott, J.)

Recent CPRC Working Papers

Services for the poorest: from angst to action - 2008 - (with Grant, U.)
Very poor, for a long time, in many ways... Defining the poorest for policymakers - 2008 - (with Moore, K., Grant, U. & Shepherd, A.)


Research and projects

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