Dr David J. Hughes

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

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I welcome PhD applications that align with my research interests regarding the theory, measurement, and application of individual differences in organisational contexts.

I have supervised seven PhD students to completion:

  • Abigail Phillips: Adaptive Personality Regulation: Individual differences in the ability to express the 'right' personality
  • Tom Evans: Examining the theoretical foundations of 'Emotional Intelligence'
  • Matthew Wilcockson: Efficacy of High Intensity CBT when delivered by practioners from three different backgrounds
  • Ioannis Kratsiotis: Development of a model and measure of innovative work behaviour
  • Brandon Keung: Development of a model and measure of the team creative process
  • Alexander Tokarev: Extending the 11+ factor model of personality: Identifying the most comprehensive collection of personality facets
  • Maximilliano Schwarz: Development and testing of an episodic model of breaks at work

I have four current PhD students:

  • Michail Michailow: Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation: Why and how do leaders differentiate amongst their team meembers?
  • John-Paul Martindale: Which workplace situations trigger expression of dark personality traits?
  • Artjom Rushanov: Are there job-specific personality profiles?
  • Robin Wickett: Exploring how personality facets relate to the use of emotion regulation strategies