Dr David Hallifax PhD CBiol CChem FRSB MRSC


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Research interests

Prediction of drug metabolic clearance is a cornerstone of successful drug discovery and development. The predictive system framework comprises an in vitro component (human liver cells or isolated enzymes) and an extrapolation model (In vitro-in vivo) component. A generic system, capable of reliable quantitative prediction, remains an important goal and will depend on continued development of all aspects of the system.

Mechanistic principles are key to this development and interest has focussed on drug kinetics in vitro - particularly drug disposition in hepatocytes (human and pre-clinical species). This particularly involves elucidation of mechanisms of drug uptake into hepatocytes and binding of drugs within these cells - as well as the incorporation of these complexities into prediction models.

Current research focusses on clearance-dependent prediction accuracy (including in vitro permeation barriers), hepatocyte lysosomal binding and more widely on tissue distribution mechanisms (with emphasis on membrane phospholipids).

Methodological knowledge

David is responsible for the LC-MS/MS bioanalytical facility within the Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research which comprises three triple-quadrupole instruments, providing drug quantitation in in vitro/ex-vivo matrices for experimental researchers.


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