Prof David French PhD CPsychol FEHPS

Chair in Health Psychology

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Research interests

Current external research funding

  • S Lamb, D Altman, N Arden, K Barker, J Bruce, G Collins, J Fairbanks, J Fitch, DP French, F Griffiths, Z Hansen, C Hutchinson, C Mallen, S Petrou & E Williamson.  Better outcomes for older people with spinal trouble (BOOST).  NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (Apr 2015 to Dec 2021) £1 999 934. 
  • A Farmer, DP French, D Hughes, L Locock, L Tarassenko, LM Yu, P Bower, R Horne, V Williams, J Mc Sharry, C Velardo, B Shields, R Rea, B Gudgin, & P Van Den Berg. Supporting people with type 2 diabetes in effective use of their medicine through a system comprising mobile health technology integrated with clinical care. NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (Apr 2017-Dec 2022) £2 580 075.
  • M Sutton, P Bower, T Chandola, W Whittaker, C Sanders, P Wilson, D French, S Cotterill, D Reeves, E Kontopatelis, R Meacock.  Evaluating the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP): the DIPLOMA research programme (Diabetes Prevention – Long term Multimethod Assessment).  NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (Apr 2017 to Sept 2022).  £ £2,052,127.
  • I Bruce, and others including (Cancer Prevention and Early Detection theme) DG Evans, A Renehan, E Woodward, M Harvie, E Crosbie, S Howell, T Howell, H Kitchener, J Yorke, DP French, M Humphries, K Muir, W Newman, M Smith, S Astley, T Maxwell, & A Lophatananon.  Manchester Biomedical Research Centre.  NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (Apr 2017 to Oct 2022).£28 500 000.
  • A Slatcher, and others including (Manchester) J Rothwell, AJ Barker, S Lindley, DP French, & J Anderson. GROW GREEN: Green cities for climate and water resilience, sustainable economic growth, healthy citizens and environments. European Commission Horizon 2020 (Jun 2017 to Sept 2022) €11 224 058.
  • DG Evans (CoPI), DP French (CoPI), A Maxwell, F Ulph, M Harvie, R Dobrashian, S Astley, J Kokan, F Harrison, A Howell, J Cuzick, K Payne, N Qureshi, SW Duffy, T van Staa.  Providing breast cancer risk information as part of national breast cancer screening programme: building an evidence base on benefits and harms to inform a decision to implement (PROCAS2). NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (Aug 2017 to Jun 2022).  £962 475.
  • S Delaloge and others including (Manchester) DG Evans, DP French, A Maxwell, S Astley & A Howell.  MyPeBS (My Personal Breast Screening): Randomized Comparison Of Risk-Stratified versus Standard Breast Cancer Screening In European Women Aged 40-70.  European Commission Horizon 2020 (Jan 2018 to Dec 2025).  €12,361,858.
  • DP French, DG Evans, K Payne, F Ulph, T van Staa, & T Howell.  How feasible and acceptable is it to recommend to women at low risk of breast cancer that they delay further screening?  Breast Cancer Now (Oct 2018 to Feb 2022).  £291 153.
  • N Cullum, B Bridgewater, N Pendleton, N Peek, K Lovell, D Hodgson, P Bower, P Wilson, M Sutton, P Bee, R Webb, S Bucci, P Chitsabesan, J Green, K Abel, L Cree, L Walker, C Todd, S Burden, A Burns, G Grande, J Keady, E Stanmore, T O’Neill, M Morciano, L Anselm, J Dumville, YS Lau, R Meacock, L Munford, J Stokes, A Turner, S Turner, D Dowding, J Ainsworth, W Dixon, S van der Veer, K Checkland, W Whittaker, P Nelson, F Bradley, S Spooner, C Robinson, K Walshe, E Schafheutle, A McBride, R Kislov, D French, C Armitage, J Yorke, J Lavallee, C Sharp, E Kontopantelis, C Sanders. NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Greater Manchester.  NIHR Applied Research Collaborations (Oct 2019 to Sept 2024).  £8,999,722.
  • M Sutton, P Bower, D French, S Cotterill, E Murray, J Ross, D Reeves, E Kontopantelis, & R Meacock.  Evaluating the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP): the DIPLOMA research programme (Diabetes Prevention – Long term Multimethod Assessment) – variation to contract to examine Digital NHS DPP.  NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (Feb 2020 to Sept 2022).  £789,228.
  • S Cotterill, P Bower, D French, E Kontopantelis, R Elliott, P Wilson, B McMillan, M Rutter, C Sanders, & S Giles.  Healthy Living Diabetes - Long-term Independent National Evaluation (HEDLINE).  NIHR Policy Research Programme (May 2020 to Sept 2023).  £750,000.
  • T Bannan, J Anderson, J Evans, D French, D Topping, & S Cotterill.  Development of land at Brent Cross, London: Co-development of a flourishing index and collection and management of baseline data.  BXS GP Limited (Jan 2021 to Dec 2021).  £52, 988.
  • DG Evans, S Howell, A Antoniou, M Widschwendter, D Easton, S Astley, S Wright, K Payne, J Usher-Smith, DP French, & N Peek.  A case control study of women aged 30-39 to augment breast cancer risk prediction and assess acceptability and preference of systematic risk prediction approach through primary care.  Cancer Research UK (ACED: International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection) (Sept 2021 to Aug 2024).  £528,154.
  • C Faivre-Finn, G Price, S Devaney, S Hølm, E Kontopantelis, T van Staa, A McWilliam, K Payne, DP French, C Sanders, N Proudlove, R Willans, S Parsons, L Hamrang, & B Turner.  Using real world data and rapid learning to drive improvements in lung cancer survival.  NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (Nov 2021 to Oct 2026).  £2,376,526.
  • YK Bartlett (CoPI), DP French (CoPI), A Farmer, M Harvie, & M Mistry.  Developing evidence-based text messages to target diet and physical activity behaviour for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.  NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (Apr 2022 to Sept 2023).  £150,574.


Current research interests

  • Screening programmes: behavioural, emotional and implementation aspects
  • Cancer prevention and early detection
  • Interventions to change health-related behaviours (development and evaluation)
  • Understanding maintenance of changes in behaviour
  • Walking, including walking groups
  • Medication adherence
  • Developing interventions with reach
  • Evaluations of built environment interventions
  • The role of self-efficacy in changing behaviour
  • Risk communication
  • Measurement reactivity


Research and projects