Dr David Butler


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Supervision areas

Current research students

  • Caroline Clegg (co-supervised with Barbara Kelly and Jane Turner): Music and Site-Specific Theatre
  • Morgan Hale (co-supervised with Roddy Hawkins): Video Game Music and Fandom


Completed research students 

  • Mark Astley (co-supervised with Eithne Quinn): Contemporary Multimedia and the Human Body in Extremis
  • Chris Auld (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): A Critical Reappraisal of the Quatermass Films
  • John Ayres (co-supervised with Vicky Lowe): Masculinity and Performance in Post-War British Film Stars
  • Laura Crossley (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): Myth, Magic and Britishness in Contemporary Screen Mythology
  • Peter Deakin (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): Masculinity and Male Anger in Contemporary Hollywood
  • Maohui Deng (co-supervised with Felicia Chan): Representations of Dementia and Ageing in Film
  • Emanuele D'Onofrio (co-supervised with Susan Rutherford): Film Music and National Identity - The New Italian Cinema Revisits the 1970s
  • David Hartley (co-supervised with Honor Gavin): Autism and Science Fiction
  • Matthew Jones (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): Gender, Audiences and 1950s Science Fiction Cinema
  • Aalia Khalid (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): Audio-visual Style and Aesthetics in Contemporary Science Fiction Television
  • Ming-Hsun Lin (co-supervised with Viv Gardner): Gender and the Harry Potter films
  • Suzy Mangion (co-supervised with David Lomas): Sound in Surrealist Film 
  • Mariano Paz (co-supervised with Rajinder Dudrah): Ideology and Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema
  • Robert Watts (co-supervised with Felicia Chan): Transnational Television Aesthetics and the 'Cinematic' in Contemporary British Television Drama
  • Daniel White (co-supervised with Roddy Hawkins): Music and Worldbuilding in Fantasy Cinema
  • Laura Wilson (co-supervised with Jackie Stacey): Physical Spectatorship and Mutilation Films