Prof Daniela Montaldi

Chair in Memory Neuroscience

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Research interests

My research focuses on human memory and the brain systems that support it. In particular, I explore the neural bases of declarative episodic memory (recall, recollection and familairity). I use a combination of methods including studies of patients with barin lesions, studies using fMRI in healthy participants, studies using eye-tracking and pupil dilation, studies using novel behaviourtal assement techniques and studies drawing on computational modelling. My research explores the brain systems that play a key role in memory; systems including structures such as the hippocampus, medial temporal lobe cortex, parietal and frontal regions as well as the deeper thalamic and striatal regions. I attempt to explore the neural algorithms that define the roles of key brain structures (e.g., pattern separation in the hipppocampus) and thereby identify their individual functional specificiy. My aim is to establish exactly how memories are optimally formed and retreived and to identify what factors influence these processes and how that influnece is exerted. To do this I also explore memory in a number of contexts; memory for perceptual detail, memory for surprising events, memory for spatial position, memory in older age, memory for faces and for music, and memory that characterises a number of clinical disorders including dementia and mild cognitive impairment.


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