Prof Daniela Caselli

Professor of Modern Literature

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Postgraduate Opportunities

I am interested in supervising doctoral students working on literary modernism, gender, and critical theory. I am especially interested in projects on Samuel Beckett, Djuna Barnes, and critical modernist studies.  

I am currently supervising a number of theses: on political activism and modernism; gender and space in modernism; modernism and mathematics; queer Beckett; and modernist afterlives. 

Previously supervised doctoral theses:

Dr William Simms, 'Unlawful Fictions: Literature, Obscenity, and Psychoanalysis' (with Prof Ian Parker);

Dr Federica Coluzzi, 'The Critical Reception of Dante in late Victorian Britain' (with Dr Guyda Armstrong);

Dr Sima Imsir: 'Bodies of Exception: Literary Constructions of Illness in Women’s Fiction in Turkish, 1912-1994' (with Dr Anastasia Valassopoulos);

Dr Andy Grundy, 'Rightly to be great: Dionysiac Greatness in Nietzsche and Shakespeare' (with Prof Jeremy Tambling);

Dr John Roache, 'Marginalia after Modernism: the case of David Foster Wallace' (with Dr Kaye Mitchell);

Dr Ben Moore, 'Invisible Architectures: Ideologies of Space in the Nineteenth-Century City' (with Prof Jeremy Tambling);

Dr Veronica Barnsley, 'Reading the Child Between the British Raj and the Indian Nation' (With Dr Anastasia Valassopoulos);

Dr Suryia Nayak, 'Re-Reading Audre Lorde: Declaring the Activism of Black Feminist Theory' (with Prof Erica Burman);

Dr Duncan Hay, 'Form, Space and Memory: Materialist Readings of Iain Sinclair's London Writing' (with Prof Bertrand Taithe);

Dr Asyia Bulatova, 'The Modernist Essay' (with Dr Kaye Mitchell); 

Dr Shravika Damunupola, 'Constructions of the Child in Contemporary Sri-Lankan Fiction';

Dr Iain Bailey, 'Beckett and the Bible' (with Prof Terry Eagleton);

Dr Benjamin Ware, 'The Dialectic of the Ladder: Wittgenstein, the Tractatus and Modernism' (with Prof Terry Eagleton);

Dr Ingrid Palmary, 'Situating Women in War and Displacement' (with Prof Erica Burman).